Lakey, Bob

Bob Lakey

Lakey, Bob '57Graduated in 1957 with the rest of the class of course, and at the last moment (two days before classes started for the fall semester) I journeyed over to Stillwater to inquire about attending college. I had had no intention of going to college after high school, and it was only at the continued insistence of our renowned chemistry teacher , Mr. Marvin Myers, that I finally decided to give it a try. I studied chemical and electrical engineering at OSU and graduated after seven (yes, seven) long years of working and studying. After graduation, I took a job in New Orleans working on the Apollo space program. (great new experience for a small town boy who had never been further from Enid than Stillwater!) That lasted until late fall 1964 when Uncle Sam (aka U.S. Army) sent me a greeting suggesting that I report for active duty with the United States Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. So I started a 28 year career in the military, both active and reserve. I was given the opportunity to become a military pilot and did so. I spent much of my military career flying both airplanes and helicopters. I received an all expense paid tour in Vietnam as an attack helicopter pilot out of the deal. I retired from the Army in 1992 as a senior officer. I still pilot airplanes and helicopters for business and pleasure.

After I was released from active duty in the Army, I worked as an engineer, mostly in the aerospace industry. I went to graduate school in the early 70’s and completed the requirements for an MS in electrical engineering. I finally retired from Boeing in 1992 and then started an aircraft sales and service business, which I have been doing since.

I met my wife at OSU (a local Stillwater girl who was also attending OSU). We were married in 1964. We have two beautiful daughters and two granddaughters. My wife is a practicing CPA with a firm in Fort Worth.

I have been lucky in that I am in excellent health (as of this writing, anyway) and enjoy life to the fullest. I consider that I have had a rewarding career, both military and civilian, and still enjoy aspects of both. I am also blessed to have a wonderful wife and family.

I have told many people over the years – and I believe it to be true – that were it not for my experiences at EHS and particurily my chemistry teacher, Mr. Myers, who gave me endless encouragement to go to college, I would not be where I am today. For that, I am truly thankful.

Lakey, Bob '07