Linderer, Bob

Bob Linderer (Deceased)
{Bob is pictured with wife Joyce.}

I tell all the guys I play golf with here in Perry Park that I am Bobby Ray Linderer from Enid, Oklahoma. That pretty much is the whole story. I was smart enough to leave Oklahoma! Asthma all my life did not make it a good choice as a healthy place to live.

Joyce Roberts (one of the twins) and I were married in Enid a long, long time ago and still enjoy each others company (I think). We were married when I was 21 and I am now about 67, so it has been a long time ago. We moved to Albuquerque to go to the University of New Mexico and get in a better area for my asthma. Son Carey Mark Linderer came along about a year later and we are very proud of him, what a great son and father to our three grandchildren.

From Albuquerque we moved to Tucumcari, New Mexico as I was transferred with my job at Davis Brothers Wholesale Drugs. Because I only had every other Sunday off we right away got my resume’ up to date and found a job with CIBA, a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, in Denver, Colorado. So in 1965 we packed up and moved to Northglenn, Colorado. Our second son Eric Scot was borne that year. We built our first dream house in Littleton, Colorado some years latter. Eric was killed as a passenger in a car accident in 1984. The most devastating thing that can happen to any parent. A great kid that was everything that his dad was not: handsome and smart and a good athlete. I cry about this to this day. Living in that house was not an option, just too many memories that hurt too much.

We built our second dream house in Morrison, Colorado overlooking the golf course and downtown Denver. Was sure that I would leave that house in a box. However at the age of 54 I had a five-way bypass done on my heart. Heart attack is the same thing that had killed my father at age 54 when I was three. At the age of 55 with all of this behind us I had the opportunity to retire early from my job as National Account Manager Managed Health Care Division of CIBA-GEIGY. I guess the more letters in the title the more important the position. NOT.

We decided to sell our dream home and move to Arizona. Had it sold but then 9/11 happened and the deal fell through. Sold a year latter and moved to Rio Verde, Arizona, one of the best and most beautiful golf areas ever. We bought our third dream home on the golf course with a fantastic view of the mountains. Spent to upgrade because I thought that once again I would leave in a box. Carey’s family moved to Arizona also. Two years latter he got promoted back to Denver. One day latter we decided that grand kids are more important than golf and put our dream house on the market.

Ah, at last we bought the final dream home in Perry Park, Colorado views of red rocks and trees. Life is good. NOT. I discover that living at 6800 feet elevation is not good for old asthmatics. So come look at it, it’s for sale and we will have to find another house in Arizona for me to be carried out of in a box.

So Bobby Ray Linderer from Enid, Oklahoma still pretty much sums it up. Hope to see all of you old people at the reunion. Please call me Bob. Only my mother and wife called me Bobby Ray and with both I was in trouble when my whole name was used.