Scott, Larry

After graduating in 1957, I went to school back east for one year. ( Phillips
University ) Then I transferred to Oklahoma State for the remaining time
graduating in 1962 with a business degree. ( I guess I just ‘thought’ I wanted
to be some sort of engineer or dentist ) With the Vietnam War starting and my
student deferment running out, I applied for Air Force OTS. ( Officer Training
School ) I became a 90 day wonder and went directly to pilot training at Vance
AFB. I joined the Air Force to see the world and wound up in my home town.
After pilot training I got married to a local girl, Sondra Hadley Hawk.I spent
six years in the Air Force flying C-130s, the last three years stationed at
Tachikawa AB, Japan. My son, Ryan, was born at Tachikawa. ( Made in Japan )
Most of my time at Tachi was deployed to Cam Rhan Bay, Vietnam. It was the Air
Force way of getting two years of ‘ in country time ‘ with a three year peripheral
permanent duty assignment. ( Mar 1963 to Feb 1969 ) After returning to the
states in 1969 and leaving the Air Force I joined Continental Airlines
flying B-707s and later B-727s until 1983 when Continental Airlines went
into bankruptcy. ( Thanks to the old leveraged buyout days ) Oh, during
the Continental days I managed to get a divorce. I did not go back to work
for Continental as I got a job with USAir in Pittsburg, PA. I flew DC-9
and MD-80 aircraft until I retired at age sixty on Dec 31, 1999. ( Y2K )
I got remarried in 1982 to a wonderful girl from El Paso, TX as I was starting
anew with USAir. I had met her in El Paso while with Continental. Anyway, we
have been retired since 2000 and have a wonderful home in Prescott, AZ for the
past sixteen years. We both are in good health and we love to travel. We have
done 27 cruises and about 15 country tours either by bus or on our own. We
travel the world. ( I wish I had paid more attention in history class ) I
do my three mile walk everyday and a few years ago I did a Grand Canyon Rim
to Rim hike. ( 26 miles ) Both of us are staying on the right side of the
grass. We are blessed. I have been very fortunate. I have enjoyed a great
career in the military and airlines flying their aircraft. I can not think
of anything I would have rather done. Now it is time to enjoy our Golden
Years with our spoiled miniature Schnauzer. ( The daughter we never had )