Bondurant Barnow, Loiuse

Some of you may remember me from elementary school, or junior high…..Unfortunately, I have not kept up with any classmates since moving during my Sophomore year from Enid to Great Bend Kansas……In Enid I attended a couple of grade schools (plus a country grade school in the 3rd grade), and both junior high schools (at that time we only had two…you may have more by now)
Jim reached me by phone the evening we returned to Topeka after both Bill’s and my high school 50th reunions. I had not been aware of any communication within our class until then. Such a happy coincidence to have had all 50th reunions on that same weekend.

So I will try to do a quick overview of these last 60+ years….I finished high school in Great Bend and attended Emporia State Teachers College…never really intending to teach… I just wanted to go to a school with my new friends and I did not know much about Kansas colleges….Bill and I met in our freshman year at Emporia and were married 2 years later. We have one daughter and one son…..happily we all ended up coming back to Overland Park/Leawood /Mission Hills, Kansas. Each of our children and their spouses have 4 kids….the last two just now leaving for college in August. It’s been a great ride…

Bill went to work for the Santa Fe Railroad in Emporia and I started out doing ‘babies’. Within 2 years he began to be transferred and I pretty much loved all of it. We lived in Iowa, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, back to Kansas. The Midwest is a very nice place to raise children…in our book!

My job was to do the kids, run our social life and find friends…I jumped right on that assignment!…Along the way in our moves I was a Welcome Wagon Hostess, American Lung Association of Kansas special event fund raiser, Freedom from Smoking non-smoking program…. American Heart Association of Kansas special event fund raiser, Naperville Heritage Society special event fund raiser. I have put on 5K runs, 10K runs, Civil Wars, Cider Days arts and crafts festivals, Nations Fest, a Victorian Christmas & misc. I was a Secretary during 4 Kansas State Legislative sessions (annual 3 month sessions at that time). I used to love politics and I learned a lot with every job/event/activity I ever took part in.
I recently realized I had been too deeply involved in Duplicate Bridge for the last 30 years…since downsizing/rightsizing into our new home a couple of years ago I pretty much gave up bridge and I am making new friends, learning about flowers, going through ‘stuff…..etc. We have been richly blessed with family, good friends and our faith!

I fear I have rambled on way too long…..You may have to shorten this…..