Reunion-Oct. 7 & 8, 2022 – Planning to Attend

This is a list of class members who attended/planned to attend the Class Reunion scheduled on 7 & 8 October 2022 .


OUR GOAL IS “AT LEAST 65 for the 65th”– TOTAL of 61 ATTENDED the 4 EVENTS– (EHS Tour (6), Ramada Social (45), Oakwood Country Club (62) & Blazes BBQ (48))

LISTING as of October 7, 2022:

(# means accompanied by spouse/guest).

(CNX mean cancelled prior to the event).     

(Possible) means possible they will attend 

–PLEASE Advise if planning to attend and will add your name to listing below–

Acton, Jerry-CNX

Allen, Richard-Dick #

Bish, Bob #

Britton, Paul #

Brown Sailors, Ruth Ann

Campbell Roller, Carolyn

Carey, Don #

Collins, Jerry

Cox Booze, Barbara #-CNX

Cummins, Charles #-CNX

Danahy Lawver, Pat- CNX

Daugherty, Hal 

Dennis, Melvin #

Dozier Wickham, Jody #

Eck, Richard #

Ewing Sutton, Judy

Failing, Barbara #

Faulkner, Jim #

Fluman, Gene-CNX

Gerson Casteel, Barbara

Gerten Collins, Carolyn

Goltry Barnes, Letty

Greer Culp, Geri

Guffey, Corky

Harris Vaughan, Claudene #

Harrison, Leonard-CNX

Holley Hagopian, Sue-CNX

Howell Rodriguez, Waunita # 3

Jones Wright, Janet

Karns, Don # 2

Kinkade, Leonard-Lee-CNX

Kudlac Winteringer, JoAn

Large, David

Marler, Conrad 

McLemore Shore, Arlene #

Mitcham, Carl #-CNX

Morgan Holler, Glennis #

Moxley Nicholas, Kay

Muir Hanselman, Cynthia #

Murie Frey, Janice-CNX

Murray Cock, Zella #-CNX

Palmer, Marvin #

Potter Davison, Pat

Robbins, Gene -CNX

Schrock, Derel 

Silver, John-CNX

Sitter, Bill #-CNX

States Zerger, Joan #

Stroike Lukenbaugh, Peggy

Webb, Gale