Goley (Wyatt), Pat

Pat Goley-Wyatt

Goley, Pat ' 57I won’t be able to come to the 50th reunion, and I apologize for not getting a bio sent in. My computer is down, and now I’m not going to be able to do it in time. I have enjoyed reading the others, though. Like some of the rest of you, I am still working, and they don’t seem inclined to kick me out and make me retire–good thing, since I couldn’t afford to!

Quick bio–I have four grown children, Karen, Janine, Doug, and Wendy, and among them there are 9 grandchildren and a step-grandson–no “greats” yet! I moved to Kansas City about 8 years ago after my husband, Kenneth, died. I was very blessed to obtain employment at a wonderful Kansas City company, American Century Investments, starting out part-time and gradually increasing my hours. Recently, I was asked to go full-time and given increased responsibilities, which became effective this week so not a good time to be able to get away! I thoroughly enjoy my work and the people I work with.

I am on a computer at the library and only have a few minutes left. I hope you all have a wonderful time this weekend. If anyone is coming through KC, especially the Johnson County area, I’d love to hear from you