Bodes, Gene

Gene Bodes
Carrollton Texas.

After graduating from EHS, I enlisted in the Air Force at the insistence of my mentor, Bob Hayes. We were going to see the world. Bob ended up in North Texas and I in Japan. I enrolled at Oklahoma State University in 1961 and graduated with a degree in Economics in 1965.

I married Ada L. Johnson of Kemp, Texas in 1964. We have two daughters and one grand daughter.

In 1965, I became employed by a Dallas consulting company: DeGolyer and MacNaughton. I worked for them 34 years and made business trips to a number of foreign countries. The best trip was to Australia and the worst was to Nigeria.

I was a member of Carrollton Parks Board and a manager of a girl’s softball team for eight years. I also was a member of Safari International. My current occupation is managing my IRA. My favorite hobby is playing the ponies.