Clement, Barry

Barry Clement
Photo at right taken from 1955 Quill yearbook
Barry attended Sophomore and Junior years at Enid High School.

I completed my senior year at Colorado Springs High School, Colorado Springs, CO. (My high school won the Colorado state highschool football championship in 1957). I also attended the University of Colorado and UCLA. I met my wife (Priscilla Hallett from Santa Monica, CA) at the University of Colorado. We lived in Southern and Northern California, Washington State, Houston and Dallas, Texas. My business was managing manufacturing companies.

We have two grown sons: Craig (Wichita Falls, TX) who is married with two wonderful little girls ages 8 and 2, and Scott (Dallas, TX) who is unmarried, but with a string of serious girlfriends.

I joined a team of investors and purchased an Auto parts company in 1984 which brought us to Dallas. I left the Auto parts business in 2003 after 19 years of fun.

My brother, Tracy, was two years behind me in school, so he finished the ninth grade at Emerson Junior High while we were living in Enid. He is now a retired veterinarian living in Phoenix. Thanks to you (Jim F.) and Jerry (Kunkel) for all the work you have done.
Barry Clement