Cox Booze, Barbara

Barbara Cox-Booze
{Barbara is pictured with husband, John.}

After being coerced by a certain classmate, 🙂 I am reluctantly going to write something but only out of respect for my other classmates.

John and I were married in April of 1957, just before graduation in May. We moved to Wichita in June for John to attend school. I worked as a secretary for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. After John finished school we moved to Great Bend, Kansas and he went to work as an engineer for KVGB Radio. Two of our sons, Steve and David, were born in Great Bend, Kansas. Steve appeared in 1959 and David in 1964.

I have lots of great memories of that time in my life: bowling, PTA, League of Women Voters and most important I learned how to play Bridge. In October of 1967, David, our youngest son, then three, was hit by a car and killed. In December of that year we moved back to Enid and John went to work at Vance Air Force Base. He retired in 1998 after 31 years.

In 1971 our third son, Tod, was born, resulting in a space of 12 years between our two boys. I spent a lot of years in PTA, Home room mother, Youth Group at church and Band Boosters. I loved it all. We have three grandchildren, all girls, and two great grandchildren, a boy age 6 and a girl age 3. Steve, our oldest son, works at Tinker AFB in OKC and Tod, our youngest, is employed in Dallas by an architect firm.

I was a stay at home mom during our boy’s growing years and just worked part time jobs. When Tod was a senior I went to work for DHS (Dept of Human Services) and retired in 2001. I love to travel and have been from one coast to the other. The only countries I have been to are Mexico and Canada. I still play in two Bridge Clubs, forget the bowling and still love to travel. I learned a long time ago that happiness is not in material things but in a relationship with our Lord.

Bless you all.