Fields Massey, Gretchen

Gretchen Fields-Massey  (Deceased)

I lost the love of my life “Billy Vacin” after his accident and then, his decision for me to go on with my life without him after my graduation. I guess I thought I should hurry, so I married the next year and had 3 sons, Clay, Curtis and Gary Cody, by 1964. We lived in Enid.

I went to work when Gary was 5. I worked for Dr. Stafford for 10 years, and left this job to work for Emergent Health as Office Manager. This only lasted 2 years as this was Doctors that ran St. Mary’s ER and their contract was not renewed. While working for doctors I joined American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). I was President for 2 years and also served on the Board of the state AAMA.

After 23 years of marriage I divorced my husband “Willie Parsons” and remarried three years later. My son “Gary” was murdered at age 22 by a gunshot wound to the head. Thank God I had not been working for about a year at that time. I joined Parents of Murdered Children and Compassionate Friends. These are 2 very good support groups and becoming active in these groups was a good decision for me. I started writing some poetry, which was very cathartic. One of my poems was published in the Bereavement Magazine and later I was asked if I wanted it published in a bereavement poetry book, “FOOD FOR THE SOUL”. Losing by son was, by far, my worse life experience but the meetings and poetry helped me a lot. Unfortunately my marriage suffered and again I divorced.

I moved to Oklahoma City and worked for the Oklahoma City Public Schools as an elementary Principal’s Secretary for 10 years. The Johnson School population was about 1/3 disabled children and this experience was quite rewarding. While I was working there I adopted my 2 year old Grandson, Sam. He was born of drug addicted parents and suffered from severe anger and behavioral problems. He has been in and out of the hospitals 4 times and is in again. He will need to be placed out of my home in a group or ranch environment through his teen years with visitation restricted to our family. This has been very difficult for Sam and me but we are very grateful for the help we have been given and for all the lessons we have learned . We will be okay with the help of God and prayers from our friends. God has even brought a man into my life after being by myself for 10 years and handling everything alone.

I moved back to Enid in 2005 and live in my Mother’s Home. My son Curtis lives in Enid with his wife, Toni. They have 2 grown married daughters; one has a son named “Hudson” and Curtis has 1 son age 23 living in Florida. Clay lives in Oklahoma City and is doing great. His children consist of a son 23 and daughter 19 who live in Enid. My Granddaughter has a baby girl, “Serenity” born in December, 2006.