Froese, Jim


Jim Froese  (Deceased)
Here you go.

After graduating I joined the Air Force and spent the next eight years of my life there. I started out my military career in Aircraft control and warning. After a couple of years in the states, I received orders to go to Germany for 2 years. Before leaving for Germany I married Annette Hitchcock. We became the parents of a Daughter Susan Marie born in Frankfurt, Germany.

From there we went to Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL where I was assigned to the Drone Squadron. There I learned Intercept Control, which is to scramble Fighters on Bogies and either identify them or shoot them down. We also conducted live firing missions over the gulf on Drone aircraft. I was sent to Tripoli Libya, North Africa for 6 months to work with the British controllers there and share our knowledge of intercepts and live firing with them. It was then back to Panama for a few months and then to Viet Nam. I was stationed just outside DaNang on a mountain named Monkey Mountain. (There were thousands of monkeys there.) It was a Radar Installation on top of the mountain and we controlled any and all aircraft flying within a 200 mile radius.

My wife divorced me while I was in Viet Nam. After Viet Nam, I left the Air Force and moved back to Enid and joined the Enid Police Dept. My ex-wife and I got back together and re-married but it only lasted 11 months. I took a job as a Detective in Chicago and was there 8 years. I married Gloria Sterling and we remained together for 7 years. I moved back to Oklahoma City and did various jobs.

I met and married EHS Graduate Beverly Diener Tabor in July of 1975. We owned and operated a Medical Repair and supply business in OKC until 1982. We went into the gun business and traveled to Gun Shows all over the country for the next 9 years. We then moved to Seattle, Washington, where I secured a job with Microsoft Corp. and worked for them until my retirement in 2005. (If any of you use Windows XP, I had a hand in building it). We moved back to Enid at that time. After my retirement, I consulted for a company for 2 years, and managed account for them at Microsoft, working out of our home.

I am now fully retired and loving it. I am staying busy though. I just bought Jerry Collins’ 1962 Cushman Eagle Motor Scooter and am getting it running. Also, my wife Beverly just bought me a Yamaha 1300 cc Royal Star Motorcycle. So if you see and old man in black leathers and a big black helmet cruising the streets of Enid, it will probably be me. Jim Froese (