Zimmerman, Bob

Addendum for Bob Zimmerman Biography – EHS Class of 1957


I attended EHS my entire sophomore year (1954-1955). I was in the band that entire school year. My Mother, Sister and I left Enid in 1955 to join my step-father in Goose Bay, Labrador.

I met with Ray Zeisset Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 who had been a sophomore at EHS in 1955. We temporarily swapped his 1955 EHS Quill for my 1957 EHS quill. In looking at the 1955 quill, I discovered a group picture in the Junior section with me included.

I attended the 1955 EHS Junior class (probably just the first semester) before leaving for Labrador. I have distinct memories of going to Dallas on the band trip to play in the Cotton Bowl and visiting the Texas State fair. That trip was definitely in 1954. I came across a picture in my scrapbook of my Grandmother and myself standing on the front porch at 408 W. Oak in Enid (the house is no longer there), dated January 1955. This pretty much proves I hadn’t left for Labrador yet, but departure date must have been close.

We arrived in Goose Bay, Labrador (approx. Latitude is 53 deg. N and Longitude is 62 deg. W) where I finished my Junior year at the Canadian School on the Canadian side of the Air Base. Evidently, I didn’t have enough scholastic credits from my first half year at EHS. I had been in the band, taking Trade Printing, and only basic required class studies were required. What I picked up the 2nd half of 1955 at the Canadian school must have been insufficient. (They were teaching 12th grade classes at the time, and were very scholastically strict.) I think this is the school year I LOST, and they didn’t allow me to continue into my Senior year at Goose Bay because of my grades, so I had to repeat my Junior year again in 1955 and 1956.

We returned to the U.S. in August, 1956. I also found a picture of us at Rockefeller Center dated August 1956 – where we visited on our return trip to Enid. My stepfather had been reassigned to Lincoln AFB in Lincoln, NE. I didn’t want to change schools again, so I lived in a small apartment with my Grandmother at 502 W. Pine in Enid (the house is no longer there) and completed my Senior year at EHS. I studied Trade Printing and worked at the News and Eagle.

So, in closing, I was in the Junior class at EHS for 1/2 year but I graduated in 1957 with the 1955 Sophomore class. Had I stayed in Enid, I would have graduated in 1956….but that is water under the bridge now!

I think this case is solved. Our comings and goings to and from Goose Bay did not coincide with school years, and the school systems were vastly different.