Pash Watts, Judy

I didn’t waste any time after graduating high school in beginning what had always been foremost in my dreams….having a family of my own. I married and my first child, a daughter, Laurie, was born May, 1958. Over the next ten years, God blessed me with three more children…a son, Todd in 1961. Cathy and Sonny were born in 1968. I wish I could report that these children were products of a successful marriage, but I can’t. In 1973, I found myself with four children to raise without spousal support.

Out of necessity at first (being a nurse was never a part of my own plan for my life) I found a career in nursing which, for the most part, was very gratifying. Going back to school while trying to raise four children was a challenge, but we all survived. Most of my nursing experience was in the hospital setting….St Mary’s Hospital. Most of my clinical experience was on 3 North, the orthopedic wing, although I was able to fill in on other floors when it became necessary. I also did a little home health on the side, when my supervisor and friend enlisted my help.

My career came to a halt in 1996 when due to a back injury, I was forced into retirement. Shortly after my retirement, I found it necessary to bring my mother, who was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer into my home. I took care of her for the last four years of her life. I was blessed by that experience. I’ve never regretted doing it. I would do it again. I have also been blessed with four grandsons, Jerimy, Byron, Dakota and Troy. My only granddaughter, Sarah is now 7 years old. I am also a great grandmother to Hunter, son to my grandson, Jerimy. He was born the day after my mother passed away. I found that to be significant. I felt God had sent this little bundle of joy to ease the pain of the loss I suffered. Grandchildren are wonderful.

Most importantly, beginning in 1973, I discovered what our life on this planet was all about. I had become a child of God when I was 9 years old, but didn’t have a clue that there was more to it. I didn’t know God had a plan for me! Foremost in that plan was getting to know Him through His word. I began developing a relationship with my Heavenly Father, which I’m still cultivating. I’m continually striving towards that goal so that when I step into eternity and He might say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” I’m looking forward to seeing many of my classmates from 1957 there. I’m also looking forward to our 50th class reunion!