Faulkner, James

After graduating in 1957, attended Phillips University for one year then I transferred to Oklahoma State for the remaining time graduating in 1962 with a bachelors degree in chemistry. In the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at OSU with Jim Butts, Don Pierce and Tom Sailors. In 1962 I started training at James Connally AFB (Waco) TX as a Navigator. As a navigator I flew the T-29, KC 135 and B-52 aircraft. Applied for pilot training and assigned to Vance AFB, OK. After pilot training I was assigned to the new F-111A at Nellis AFB NV, but when the aircraft was grounded we returned to Vance and flew in the T-38. Next went to Florida to train on the A-1 “Skyraider”  with end assignment at Pleiku Vietnam. After one year in Southeast Asia returned to Webb AFB in TX and flew the T-38. At Webb also served as the Executive Officer to the Operations Commander. Next selected to attend school at Maxwell AFB, AL and also completed work on my Masters degree from Auburn University. Next was a move to Sheppard AFB, TX where I was the Director of Stan Eval and a squadron commander. In 1978 we moved to Elmendorf AFB AK and I was the Director of Safety for Alaskan Air Command. I was attached to the 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (F-4E and T-33) for flying while stationed in AK. Recall flying several sorties where we could see Russia airspace. In 1981 reassigned to Vance (after pilot instructor training in San Antonio TX) where I flew in the T-37 aircraft again and served as the Deputy Commander for Operations. In 1984 moved to Keesler as a Group commander and later the Wing Vice Commander. In 1988 we moved to Randolph AFB, TX as the Director of Training Programs. Retired from the Air Force in 1991 and went to work for Northrop Grumman as a T-37 simulator instructor pilot at Vance AFB, OK . In 1995 the company changed to LSI, but work stayed the same–in 2005, I converted to the new T-6 Texan II. In January 2016 retired from civil service and started working as a volunteer at Vance AFB in the retired activity office. Married to my wife Sharon since 1961. While in the Air Force, we lived in 25 different homes in 29 years. Sharon took care of our two kids when I was on temporary duty assignment or on a remote overseas assignment. Our son (also and OSU Grad) is an architectural engineer and runs his own business in San Antonio TX area. Our daughter (also and OSU Grad & OU certified legal assistant)) works for the Law Firm in Enid OK.