Greer (Culp), Gerri

Gerri Greer-Culp

Greer, Gerri '57I have lived in Enid the past 37 years. I love to work in my vegetable garden and in my flower beds. Usually I can at least 200 up to 600 quarts of vegetables each year. Because of all the rain this season, I won’t can that many quarts this year.

Tom Culp and I have been married 6 years. I have a daughter, two sons and a stepson. I also have 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. We are expecting a 4th great grandchild in August. I work full time at Highland Park Manor and have been there 19 years. I belong to the Women of the Moose Lodge. I competed in a dart tournament last season at Moose and took second in the state – women’s division.

Tom and I play in a dart league and play in a pool league in the fall. I love playing darts, shooting pool, and being home with family and friends. The photo was taken in my living room in Enid.
Geraldine Greer-Culp

Greer, Gerri '07