Gritz, James

James (Bo) Gritz

The following is a very brief summary of Bo Gritz’ biography. Bo includes his biography on his own web site which you can check out as you wish at click here Bo has been very active in many military endeavors. His Viet Nam and other experiences are quite interesting, to say the least.

James “Bo” Gritz was born 18 January 1939 in Enid, Oklahoma, and raised by his maternal grandparents. His Father, Pilot-Lieutenant Roy L. Gritz was killed in World War II. Bo attended grade schools in Enid through Longfellow Junior High school. Bo was born to be a warrior and was in uniform through Cub, Boy, Explorer Scouts, Cadets, and into camouflage as an Army Paratrooper, Ranger, and Green Beret. Bo spent 22-years in the military advancing through the enlisted and officer ranks. Upon return from Vietnam, Bo entered the Ministry and has served God as an Eternal Warrior since. Bo was assigned to the Pentagon General Staff as Chief of Special Activities (1972-73). He was selected to command Special Forces in Latin America (1975-77), and returned to the Pentagon as a Chief of Congressional Relations for the Secretary of Defense (1977-79).

Bo has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska in Law & Corrections, a Master of Military Science degree (1971), and a Master of Arts in Communications from the American University (1974). He is an active FAA Flight Instructor and a Commercial Pilot.

Bo has a new book, “My Brother’s Keeper”, detailing his personal involvement in saving oppressed Americans. He is married to Judy Gale from Kentucky. They reside on an airstrip 50-miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bo and Judy love to ride their Harley Davidson, walk the runway at night, and fly their Cessna-310 to places of appointment.

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