Zimmerman, Bob

Addendum for Bob Zimmerman Biography – EHS Class of 1957


I attended EHS my entire sophomore year (1954-1955). I was in the band that entire school year. My Mother, Sister and I left Enid in 1955 to join my step-father in Goose Bay, Labrador.

I met with Ray Zeisset Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 who had been a sophomore at EHS in 1955. We temporarily swapped his 1955 EHS Quill for my 1957 EHS quill. In looking at the 1955 quill, I discovered a group picture in the Junior section with me included.

I attended the 1955 EHS Junior class (probably just the first semester) before leaving for Labrador. I have distinct memories of going to Dallas on the band trip to play in the Cotton Bowl and visiting the Texas State fair. That trip was definitely in 1954. I came across a picture in my scrapbook of my Grandmother and myself standing on the front porch at 408 W. Oak in Enid (the house is no longer there), dated January 1955. This pretty much proves I hadn’t left for Labrador yet, but departure date must have been close.

We arrived in Goose Bay, Labrador (approx. Latitude is 53 deg. N and Longitude is 62 deg. W) where I finished my Junior year at the Canadian School on the Canadian side of the Air Base. Evidently, I didn’t have enough scholastic credits from my first half year at EHS. I had been in the band, taking Trade Printing, and only basic required class studies were required. What I picked up the 2nd half of 1955 at the Canadian school must have been insufficient. (They were teaching 12th grade classes at the time, and were very scholastically strict.) I think this is the school year I LOST, and they didn’t allow me to continue into my Senior year at Goose Bay because of my grades, so I had to repeat my Junior year again in 1955 and 1956.

We returned to the U.S. in August, 1956. I also found a picture of us at Rockefeller Center dated August 1956 – where we visited on our return trip to Enid. My stepfather had been reassigned to Lincoln AFB in Lincoln, NE. I didn’t want to change schools again, so I lived in a small apartment with my Grandmother at 502 W. Pine in Enid (the house is no longer there) and completed my Senior year at EHS. I studied Trade Printing and worked at the News and Eagle.

So, in closing, I was in the Junior class at EHS for 1/2 year but I graduated in 1957 with the 1955 Sophomore class. Had I stayed in Enid, I would have graduated in 1956….but that is water under the bridge now!

I think this case is solved. Our comings and goings to and from Goose Bay did not coincide with school years, and the school systems were vastly different.


Tyler, Robert R.-Bob

Robert R. (Bob) Tyler

Mr. Tyler has enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the information industry. Along the way, he has also contributed his skills to the non-profit-sector and philanthropic causes. In addition, he has experience with Estate & Lifestyle management of special corporate assets – yachts, estates, staff and events.

Mr. Tyler began his career at Ford Motor Company while completing his college degree in Business Administration at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating he accepted the position of Marketing Director at Prakken Publications in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Later, Mr. Tyler joined Gale Research, a pioneering reference book publisher. As Vice-President of Marketing, he played a key role in the company’s rapid growth. He organized the marketing operations into an efficient unit that handled direct mail sales, telemarketing operations, order processing and fulfillment, customer service, corporate computer operations, warehousing, letter-shop operations and accounts receivable.

His influence extended into strategic planning, product development and pricing with special knowledge and skill in subscription and membership development. As Executive Vice-President – Associate Publisher, of Omnigraphics, Inc., Mr. Tyler participated in corporate acquisitions, product development and technology planning. He promoted the concept of an “editorial knowledge base”, using Omnigraphics’ business database to rapidly conceive, produce, and market new information products. He also developed corporate internet, intranet, and extranet strategies and directed the creation of three web sites powered by directory data and a proprietary corporate web site: i.e.

Lifestyle and Estate Management is an unique area of experience of Mr. Tyler. Because of a special relationship with the founder and family of Gale Research, he acted as confidant and advisor in business and personal lifestyle environments. Excellent negotiation, mediation, collaboration and management skills combined with dedication and loyalty created a history of valued service.

In addition, Mr. Tyler has been President of “Gold Coast” magazine, an upscale lifestyle City publication serving southeast Florida including Jupiter, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Ft Lauderdale and Miami. He has provided leadership in non-profit organizations such as: Member of the Carmel Public Library Foundation Board, more recently a contributor and advisor to the Veterans Transition Center at Fort Ord, Seaside and active with the Pacific Grove Art Center, Monterey, CA Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Tyler was President of the Greenfield Business District Association in Detroit

Bob has been a member of the World Futurist Society, the International Society for General Semantics and American Library Association. He has also served as a Commissioner of Economic Development on the Economic Development Commission for the city of Westland, MI. He is the founder of the Peace Research Foundation: i.e. Most recently he founded and published a web site regarding information for Elder Care, “”. He is currently working on projects forthcoming from Advanced Futures Research Lab which he founded.


Linderer, Bob

Bob Linderer (Deceased)
{Bob is pictured with wife Joyce.}

I tell all the guys I play golf with here in Perry Park that I am Bobby Ray Linderer from Enid, Oklahoma. That pretty much is the whole story. I was smart enough to leave Oklahoma! Asthma all my life did not make it a good choice as a healthy place to live.

Joyce Roberts (one of the twins) and I were married in Enid a long, long time ago and still enjoy each others company (I think). We were married when I was 21 and I am now about 67, so it has been a long time ago. We moved to Albuquerque to go to the University of New Mexico and get in a better area for my asthma. Son Carey Mark Linderer came along about a year later and we are very proud of him, what a great son and father to our three grandchildren.

From Albuquerque we moved to Tucumcari, New Mexico as I was transferred with my job at Davis Brothers Wholesale Drugs. Because I only had every other Sunday off we right away got my resume’ up to date and found a job with CIBA, a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, in Denver, Colorado. So in 1965 we packed up and moved to Northglenn, Colorado. Our second son Eric Scot was borne that year. We built our first dream house in Littleton, Colorado some years latter. Eric was killed as a passenger in a car accident in 1984. The most devastating thing that can happen to any parent. A great kid that was everything that his dad was not: handsome and smart and a good athlete. I cry about this to this day. Living in that house was not an option, just too many memories that hurt too much.

We built our second dream house in Morrison, Colorado overlooking the golf course and downtown Denver. Was sure that I would leave that house in a box. However at the age of 54 I had a five-way bypass done on my heart. Heart attack is the same thing that had killed my father at age 54 when I was three. At the age of 55 with all of this behind us I had the opportunity to retire early from my job as National Account Manager Managed Health Care Division of CIBA-GEIGY. I guess the more letters in the title the more important the position. NOT.

We decided to sell our dream home and move to Arizona. Had it sold but then 9/11 happened and the deal fell through. Sold a year latter and moved to Rio Verde, Arizona, one of the best and most beautiful golf areas ever. We bought our third dream home on the golf course with a fantastic view of the mountains. Spent to upgrade because I thought that once again I would leave in a box. Carey’s family moved to Arizona also. Two years latter he got promoted back to Denver. One day latter we decided that grand kids are more important than golf and put our dream house on the market.

Ah, at last we bought the final dream home in Perry Park, Colorado views of red rocks and trees. Life is good. NOT. I discover that living at 6800 feet elevation is not good for old asthmatics. So come look at it, it’s for sale and we will have to find another house in Arizona for me to be carried out of in a box.

So Bobby Ray Linderer from Enid, Oklahoma still pretty much sums it up. Hope to see all of you old people at the reunion. Please call me Bob. Only my mother and wife called me Bobby Ray and with both I was in trouble when my whole name was used.


Bish, Bob

Bob Bish

Here it is the Year of our Lord 2007 in the rainy month of June. My name is Robert Arthur Bish but most of you know me by the moniker Bob. I have been retired a little over five years from the Department of Human Services, where I worked 27 plus years as a social worker/eligibility worker at such sites as Enid State School, Child Support Enforcement, and the Oklahoma County Welfare Department. Before that I had desultory brief careers as a divinity student, graduate student in history, history instructor, historic site manager, YMCA health club director, and 9 months of hard labor of the non-prison variety.

Just a week after receiving a Masters Degree in American History from the University of Oklahoma in August 1966, I married Sharon Mechem of Okeene, OK. Out of this union came Amy Lea Bish born Nov 17, 1973. Sharon and I were pleased to be parents of an unusually gifted girl who went to graduate from Casady Prep School (in Oklahoma City) and Williams College in MA. While employed in Washington DC she met the love of her life, Lloyd Dugan and they were wed June 13, 1998. In March 2004 Breanna Gaylynn Dugan came along to enrich immeasurably the lives of the proud grandparents, who made at least three trips a year back to Alexandria ,VA to do her bidding as “Granny” and “Granddad”. My 35 year obsession with long distance running, highlighted by completion of two Boston Marathons in 1977 and 1980, is winding down to the status of neighborhood jogging (although I did manage to complete the Oklahoma City National Memorial half marathon this past April). I volunteer as a docent at the Oklahoma City Murrah Museum, as a research assistant at the Oklahoma History Center, and during the school year as an after school tutor.

Probably my most satisfying role as a volunteer consist of singing membership in the Canterbury Choral Society which also entails participating in their educational outreach and fundraising events. Also I serve on the board of the Civic Music Association, which promotes a recital series to enhance the communities opportunities to experience world class artists. Sharon makes this possible by working full time as a librarian at the downtown branch of the Metropolitan Library System. Last year we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by going to Austria with a group of singers to sing a Mozart mass in Salzburg and Vienna. From the photos you can see that I still am loyal to the EHS colors of blue and white in every attire and that I hang out with EHS grads like Livingston, Torbett and Skarky not to mention a cool cat named Fluffy. Oh yes I have kept a journal for some 30 years.

See you in October.


Allen, Richard-Dick

Allen, Richard

I am married, my wife’s name is Sarah. We have three daughters, all of whom have left the nest, and are living on their own. Only one is married, but we have been blessed with a wonderful grandson whose name is Chad. We have resided in Rock Hill, South Carolina, for about ten years. We came to this part of the United States seeking a good retirement climate. The Rock Hill area has lots of good golf courses for me plus a variety of shopping malls for Sarah. Parker is our only pet; a much spoiled but lovable golden retriever.

I retired from Alltel Communications as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. I wasn’t comfortable with the new slower lifestyle, so recently a business associate I’ve known for many years and myself started a consulting company. We provide a large variety of telecommunication services to independent telephone companies around the United States. We currently employ eighteen associates. Our largest client is Innovative Telephone Company of the United States Virgin Islands. Innovative serves the islands of St.Croix, St.John and St. Thomas. (Yes, someone has to do it, and I’m glad it’s us, it’s a fantastic place to visit/work.) Our remaining client base is in either Texas or Indiana, but I am currently negotiating with additional prospective clients in Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Sarah, Parker, and I really love the Carolinas. We have Charlotte for shopping and special events. We are just a short drive from the mountains of North Carolina. The mountains are very beautiful with plenty to explore. A short drive in the other direction takes us to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head in South Carolina. These sights have many things to offer. The year round weather here is unbelievable.


Easterly Thielke, Lynne

Lynne Easterly-Thielke
Lynne is pictured with husband Jim Thielke
(This biography current as of 19 August, 2007.)

I worked for Champlin Oil & Refining Co. after graduating from Enid High School. That is where I met Jim. We were married in 1959 and have lived in the Oklahoma City area ever since.

I did secretarial work for Champlin Oil (in Enid and then Oklahoma City); worked for Star Manufacturing Company about 10 years; and worked at the Oklahoma House of Representatives one session.

We have twins, David and Christi, who are now 37 years old. We also have three granddaughters, ages 6, 5 and 18 months. I love being a grandmother!

Jim is a Certified Public accountant and still does a little accounting work; otherwise, we are retired. We travel in our motor home at least one-third of the time…business and pleasure.


Cline, Kenneth

Kenneth “Kenny” Cline (Deceased – DOD 12/7/07)

Obituary: Kenny’s funeral was held December 13 at Glidden Ediger Chapel, McPherson, KS. He was born November 22, 1939 in Enid and died Dec 7, 2007 in McPherson.

He graduated from Enid High School in 1957. He served in the Navy as an IC3. He worked as a machinist at Bradbury Corp in Moundridge, Kansas prior to his retirement. He moved from Newton, Kansas to McPherson in 1991. He married Shari L. Crane Stewart June 23, 2001 in McPherson.

He is the Father of one daughter, Patricia Cline of Oklahoma City. He was step Father to 4 step-daughters, Ashley Stewart and Katelyn Stewart of McPherson, Rocky and Jamie Darrah, of Kansas. He was Father to 5 sons, Kenneth “Corky” Cline of Medford, OK, Thomas Cline of Oklahoma, Scott Cline of Edmond, John Cline of Midwest City, and Justin Cline of McPherson. He also had 3 stepsons, one brother, Charles Cline of California, 3 sisters Dorothy Ritz, Mary Kennon of Independence, MO. and Phyllis Jacobs of Bethany. Kenneth had 26 grandchildren!


Mason Byler, Kay

Kay Mason-Byler

Dear EHS friends,

I thought I was going to see you at the reunion next month, but my plans have changed, partly due to the fact that my house sold faster than I expected, and I’m still in the moving mode, and partly due to some family doings later in October, for which I’ll need to be away, and I can’t do both. It sounds like the committee has done a great job to make it a fun reunion.

I have just now gotten around to reading some of your biographies. It is neat to find out “the rest of the story” of people we knew “back when”. I remember one of our first reunions, when several of our teachers attended, and they told me they had always thought of our class as very special out of all they had taught. As a teacher, I now know what an accolade that was. When I came to Emerson Jr. High in 1953, I had already attended nine schools, some of them in Enid, and some in schools in different OK towns, and in California. It was a pleasure and relief to get to stay in Enid for 31/2 years. What a wonderful time that was! I loved high school! Then my father got transferred by Champlin Oil to Chickasha, where I attended Okla. College for Women my freshman year. I dropped out for a year and a half and worked in Enid at Security Nat. Bank, where I learned I hate office machines and need to avoid them if at all possible. (The only subject in which I “earned” an F in was high school typing! My father said it was because I was into too many extra curricular activities. Go figure.) I struggle at the computer to this day, but it is worth the struggle. Grow or die, right?

When I returned to school, it was to (then) Central State College. I earned my degree in elementary ed., and was recruited before the end of my sr. year to teach in Jefferson County, CO. I had one yr. there before I married my college sweetheart, Richard Byler, and we moved to Junction City, Ks. where we both taught. We next lived in Greeley, Co., where our daughter Becky was born and Rich earned his master’s degree in Parks and Rec. Next move was to Flint, Mi. where son Brad was born, and then to Columbia, Mo. where we finally settled for six years, the longest I had ever lived in one place in my life! I taught in all those places, sometimes only as a substitute, while the kids were young. We had always wanted to return to Co., so when the opportunity arose for Rich to work for Foothills Parks and Recreation, in Lakewood, Co. we jumped at the chance, though we had loved our life in Columbia. I once told a Lakewood resident how much I loved seeing the mountains from every part of town, and she said, “Oh, you’ll get so used to it, you won’t even notice them”.. That has NEVER happened. I love looking at them and being in them in all seasons, though I don’t visit them as much in the winter these days. Richard and I divorced in 1980, but we have been very cooperative parents and still do a few family activities together during each year.

I taught various elementary grades in Jeffco for 20 years, earning my master’s along the way. It was a satisfying career, for the most part, but times have changed, and I am glad I could retire when I reached 60. I have so many good memories and friends here that this is truly my home. I lived for 32 years in the first house we bought here, in which we planned to live for just a few years. It suited me and my lifestyle very well, but I cannot keep the yard , etc. as I like it any more. I was lucky to sell it at this time, and I have just moved. (What a job!) Since retirement, I call myself a “dabbler”. I love volunteering, and have done too much to mention. My favorite thing right now is story telling (for which I am sometimes paid, so I can call myself a professional.) I also am active in our local history museum, and I give tours, paint faces and do other activities as needed. Of all my experiences, the most rewarding was being MOM during my kids’ growing years. I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it! Those years passed much too quickly. Both of my kids have settled in the vicinity. Becky is the mother of my ONLY grandchild, Zachary, of whom we are very proud and dote on him, as you can imagine. I love Derek, the son-in-law she has given me. Brad has not yet married, but we still have hopes. If you read the Rocky Mtn. News, you will see Brad’s byline in the sports section, especially when the Broncos play in town. (That is his second, part-time job. Keeps him too busy, but he likes it.)

Since retiring, I have had more time to travel farther than my usual destination, Oklahoma. Though I have been out of the country and continent, I most enjoy going to historic American places that I used to teach about. That is heaven for me!

I have a very nice man in my life. He loves to travel. We have had some health setbacks, but both doing well now, so want to do more while we can. For those of you who remember my family, here is a little update: My father Fred died in 1972. Mother Dorothy is still going strong at 88, in Edmond,OK. My brothers Terry and Hart live in Texas. Brad lives in Edmond near Mother, which has been good for all of us. They all have nice families and are doing well.

I’ll be thinking of you during the first weekend of October. Have a wonderful time! Let errr rrrrip! (I’m sure those ornery boys will try to mess it up to this day – but I’ll miss hearing them do it. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll see everyone at the next reunion.

Kay Mason Byler

August 2017 update:

Hi,   EHS friends!  I’m sorry I won’t be at the reunion again this year.  I do hope I can come next time and that we are all still here by then.  I enjoy reading about you, except when the news is bad.  My heart goes out to all who are having a rough time and the families of those who have died.  We just don’t seem that old to me. And each one is a shock!  Hopefully, most seem to have enjoyed good lives.

My life, like yours, is like one of those Bad news/Good news stories.  I love all of Dennis’s old folks jokes, as they are so true and so funny!  Due to COPD, I am now using oxygen 24/7 when at this (Denver) elevation and higher.  Good news is that I am able to do most things that are important to me, and I am in good physical shape, due to my exercise regimen.  I have been fighting to keep my teeth for many years, and two years ago, I had to have many pulled. My new teeth are pretty, but I still can’t eat very well.   Good news is that I now weigh about what I weighed in the 9th grade!  Recently, I started using hearing aids.  Of course, the good news is that I can now almost understand most conversations on TV and movies.  And I don’t say Huh? so much!  But with all of these, you can imagine how much longer it takes for me to get ready to go somewhere!  The good news is that I can still go on my own!

After many years of volunteering in various places, which I enjoyed immensely, I am cutting back, except for mostly social events, like my book club and activities here in the townhouse community and of course, fun with family and friends.  I mostly travel to low elevation places, but we take many day trips into the mountains, which I still love!

My kids are doing well, and I now have TWO grandsons.  One is 22 and one is 8.  They are half brothers, and the young one is our miracle boy.  So much fun!  Wish I had many more, but so grateful for the two.

I’m very thankful for my mainly good life and the health and many blessings my loved ones and I enjoy.  I have such good memories of EHS and you, and I hope you have a wonderful time together!

  Best wishes always—–Kay (Mason) Byler



McCoy Chapman, Beverly

Beverly McCoy-Chapman
Beverly is pictured with husband, Clif.}

I’ve heard it said you can never go back, which I guess is to your roots? “But I’m back”, back to my old HOME TOWN Enid. It’s here I grew up and have always wanted to be. I left one daughter here, her own choice, so I’ve always felt I have permanent ties and roots here.

I married Clif Chapman soon after graduation. Marriage, home and lots of babies were always a dream. Now remember, in the 50’s you couldn’t vote until you were 21 so I had three babies before I could vote. I chose to be a stay-at-home Mom and my MOTTO has always been: “I thrive on chaos.” We had our last baby in 1962, a boy after three girls.

Clif was with Safeway Stores Inc., and we stayed in Enid until the kids were grown. Safeway transferred him to Dodge City, KS and then back to Oklahoma. We resided in Oklahoma City until 2005. At the time we started moving and leaving the kids behind, I experienced total empty nest syndrome so I decided to go to work. I had several interesting jobs and gained a lot of experience. This experience allowed me to work as a floater for Safeway in their corporation offices. For almost five years I had a new job every Monday morning. I couldn’t name the number of offices Safeway had, but each office was different, each having its own place in the grocery business. This afforded me a lot of freedom and a whole lot of diversity, which made it a lot more interesting. After Safeway closed, I went to work for Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma. I was the secretary in the collision center. I was the only woman there and became Mom over the next few years to a lot of guys.

In 2005, because of my husband’s bad health, I retired after having worked for Lexus 17 years, and we came back to Enid. I can no longer care for Clif in our home so he is in the Commons Living Facility. We just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary and he still knows my name, of this I am thankful.

I enjoy writing and was finally published in 1993 in the Quarterly issue of the Heartland Magazine, under random sighting. My story is called, “Greasy Spoon.” At the heart of almost every small town is a great café or diner. It describes my growing up in Enid and working at my Daddy’s café. I like short stories and currently have TWO pending publications. We have five grandchildren and one most wonderful great-grand daughter, Hana Kay. She is almost two and she keeps us young.

I never expected to be spending my GOLDEN YEARS doing volunteer work at a rest home (Excuse me, an adult living facility to be politically correct) but we are needed and getting here from 1957 has been a trip. Psalm 143:8 says, “Cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning, for in thee do I trust.” I am constantly reminded that the words God speaks to me are spirit and they are life. How could I not trust him with my every waking hour?


Clement, Barry

Barry Clement
Photo at right taken from 1955 Quill yearbook
Barry attended Sophomore and Junior years at Enid High School.

I completed my senior year at Colorado Springs High School, Colorado Springs, CO. (My high school won the Colorado state highschool football championship in 1957). I also attended the University of Colorado and UCLA. I met my wife (Priscilla Hallett from Santa Monica, CA) at the University of Colorado. We lived in Southern and Northern California, Washington State, Houston and Dallas, Texas. My business was managing manufacturing companies.

We have two grown sons: Craig (Wichita Falls, TX) who is married with two wonderful little girls ages 8 and 2, and Scott (Dallas, TX) who is unmarried, but with a string of serious girlfriends.

I joined a team of investors and purchased an Auto parts company in 1984 which brought us to Dallas. I left the Auto parts business in 2003 after 19 years of fun.

My brother, Tracy, was two years behind me in school, so he finished the ninth grade at Emerson Junior High while we were living in Enid. He is now a retired veterinarian living in Phoenix. Thanks to you (Jim F.) and Jerry (Kunkel) for all the work you have done.
Barry Clement